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Final Fantasy XI Titan Server Players

May. 25th, 2011

01:28 am - A bit of a longshot

Does anyone still play FFXI? It's been a while since I played and I know Titan merged with another server. I'm a bit worried that when I come back all my friends are going to be gone. Thus I'm looking to make some new ones. I've got several 75s (not that it means much in the face of level 90 but eh) Hit me up on here if you'd like. I know it's probably a longshot anyone still plays and keeps a livejournal, but whatever.

Jun. 16th, 2006

09:42 am - Kweh

New to the community! My name is Kris, and i play on Titan server, under the character names Schalaa(Taru Female) and Cammi(Mithra). I've been playing off and on since ps2 release, and have something close to 150+ days of playtime in game. I'm currently in the middle of training for U.S. Army infantry on Fort Benning, and have roughly a month of training to go still...but i'm coming back! My LS is Cherrybomb, a HNM ls, and currently looking for a new Dynamis LS on Titan :)..Thanks and Hi :D

As i'm still stuck on Fort Benning, and going back to finish up training next week (Monday or Tuesday)... I still have ass loads of time on my hands, and no FFXI to fill it with >.<. So last night i took the liberty to go through some goals that i have on Schalaa & Cammi still. Titan i'll be back soon, 1 month to go! :/


-Finish up CoP, get Raja's or Tama's Ring (Stupid Ultima/Omega)
-Start and set up static for ToAU missions/assaults.
-Finish ZM mission for Earring.
-Divine Might
-Retribution (break staff)
-Evisceration (break dagger

-Dalmatica & A. Feet for full PJ's
-Kirin's Osode
-AF+1 Pants for BRD
-AF2 Body, Feet, Pants for BRD
-Sell Cammi's MNK gear to raise GS
-GS 60+
-Hecatomb set (1/5)
-Tatami Shield, Rostrum Pumps, Cassie Earring
-Noble's Tunic (probably just do Subligar, either way i get an item i want, unless break >.<)
-Vermillion Cloak for BC's and all around cutetastic.
~Random others~
-BLM 75
-PLD 75
-WHM 75
-THF 75
-All other jobs 37+
-Control Aspid for a good few months with CB, contribute skills as officer of CB. (cb.linkshells.net)
-Get into DV or DV2... and get a pearl to BabyLove so i can hang out with Dustin more :)
-Help Patrick out more, level a job with him :x
-Change .dat to something neat for a change of look :x

-Max HP ................... +3 (1)
-Max MP ................... +5 (2)
-AGI ........................... +3
-STR ........................ +2
-Marksmanship ..... +3
-Sword ..................... +3 (1)
-Evasion .................. +6
-Healing Mag. .......... +4
-Elem. Mag. ............. +4
-Crit. Rate ................. +4
-Spell Intrupt ............ +4
-THF: 3x ATK ........... +5
-THF: Trick ATK ........ +2
-THF: Snk ATK .......... +2
-THF: Flee ................ +1
-BLM: Ice Pot. .......... +5
-BLM: Ltng Pot. ....... +5
-WHM: Regen ......... +2
-WHM: Cure Cast ... +5
-WHM: DS Recast ... +3
-BRD: Finale ........... +2
-BRD: Lullaby ......... +5 (1)
-BRD: Minuet .......... +3
-PLD: Rampart ....... +2
-PLD: Cover ............ +5
-PLD: Sentinel ........ +3

Total Merits: +83 = 830,000exp O.O;;
Progress ~ +4 ._.

-MNK to 65 for Dragon Kick, 75 later.

Yea, So i've got a long way to go ^^; But This will keep me more then busy for a while. Not sure even how much of this i'll get to do, with school, work, and the Nat'l guard going on... Oh well, gives me something to look forward to :D.

Jan. 30th, 2006

10:58 pm - Hi there

My first time posting here, been playing for quite some time tho.

Character : Aelean
Smn 53/Whm 26

AF1 and AF2 completed recently
Having an awesome time with my static!

Dec. 3rd, 2005

05:30 pm - tiny update

Heya all :)

Finally made level 70 WHM last night, after a year and 2 months, and over 80 days of playtime! Now I can be a RaiseIII whore...yay!

Also, for those of you who use Windower, Cliff's made an RSS feed, which I added to LJ's RSS feed list. There are no updates as of yet, but I'm hoping he'll use it to keep us informed. If interested, click here to add Windower RSS feed to your friends list ^^

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Nov. 14th, 2005

06:57 pm - Hi all

Been playing for about 7 months now, my Char name is Zeliea a Taru lvl 43 Redmage, 21 Blm and so on...
just thought I would say hi and see who would like to give me a hand unlocking Dragoon? I have wanted to unlock it for awhile but been told it's hard to unlock.

Oct. 3rd, 2005

04:03 pm - ...

I have got to post in this thing more...
I pay so little attention to my communities these days.
Well Ginryu here agin, I have upgraded.
Rdm 41
Drg 28
Whm 19
War 18
Pld 15
Blm 12
Nin 12
Mnk 6
Rank 5.
Huzzah. XD
Status upgrade... cause we all wanna know about me. ( >.>; )
I have married, August 12th, it was lag galore and people wouldn't stop setting off fireworks in the whole damn ceremony. T.T
We did Diorama afterwards, stupid Nadiv, kept Sleepga II-ing my whole side, it's like...
Ginryu is no longer asleep.
Nadiv casts Sleepga II.
Ginryu is asleep.

Die Nadiv die. T.T
Hmm.... well my LS Goonies died, well not died, it was still plenty alive, but our leader didn't have time for it anymore, so he broke it, sigh, now the Goonies are scattered all over Vana'diel!
To pass this lonely time I joined an LS called PimpinSonsofPlunder...
Makes me feel closer to my Rdm...
That's about it really, I really need to get with my static again... they're about to lynch me, methinks. >.>

Sep. 5th, 2005

04:20 pm - {Hello!}

Wow. A Titan LJ community. I never knew that existed :o

Anyway, heya all. I'm Alanthiana, of the Titan server. I'm currently working on my 52WHM. I've got BLM to 54, RDM at 30, BST at 10, and THF at...4, I think. I'm part of FollowersofKain linkshell, and have been playing since last October.

See you all in the game :)

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Aug. 21st, 2005

04:50 pm - Um...

I haven't touched my journal in... A long ass time. Let alone going through my communities. When and how did I become a manager of this community?

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Aug. 4th, 2005

07:36 pm - Oh dear

I died 7 times today, I could have been almost level 10 by now but im still stuck endlessly at 8, Im starting to get the feeling that perhaps FFXI isnt for me @_@ and its only my second day playing, I was really looking forward to being level 10-12 so I could start partying, so what im asking is what should a level 8 Hume BLM be leveling on around windurst, Ive been fighting crawlers and rarabs and those dont kill me but only give like 20exp so I tried Yagudo scribes and those were a bit better until they manage to get poison of x.x then I die.

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Aug. 3rd, 2005

08:56 pm - Hi

Hi, im new to FFXI, just started today acctually and I ended up on the Titan server, so im basicly here looking for friends and advice from older players so I dont stay noob-ish forever ^^;;

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